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Bert Henshaw

Bert Henshaw joined the Green Jackets in 1965 and throughout his 22 year career could almost always be seen with a camera in his hand. The results of his obsession to record and collect all aspects of regimental life on film has resulted in the amassing of more than twenty thousand pictures of Green Jackets in all situations covering a period of close to 150 years of regimental activities. Some parts of this collection of the periods prior to Bert's service were donated by ex members of the Regiment and their families. Other items were begged or purchased from various other sources.

This collection has been placed on the Internet for the benefit of all members of the Regiment. Please be aware that because of the nature of the Internet it may not be possible to download good quality printable copies of the pictures displayed.

If you have photographs of your time in the Regiment (or of Fathers/Grandfathers) please send them to me at Seamus.lyons@rgjassociation.info. For those of you who are happier sending me your photographs on a disc please contact me for my postal details, or for those with Database access my home address is available from there. (Note: all scanned photo's should have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi. It is also very important that each photo is indexed with Year/Location for them to be inserted in chronological order.)